We provide diagnosis and treatment for:

Achilles Tendon Ankle Instability, Ankle Sprains,   Arthritic Foot & Ankle Care, Athletes Foot, Bunions, Ball of the foot pain,   Calluses, Corns, Crush Injuries, Diabetic Foot care,   Diabetic Foot Infections, Flat Feet, Fungus Toenails,   Geriatric Foot Care, Hammertoes, Heel Spurs,   Infections, Ingrown Toenails, Injuries,   Metatarsalgia, Neuromas, Plantar Fasciitis,   Poor Circulation, Warts Wounds      

Dedicated to offering caring, comprehensive management of Diabetic and Geriatric foot health:

  • Nail and callus care
  • Anti-fungal treatment
  • Education in home foot care
  • Ulcer debridement
  • Shoe modifications
  • Total contact casting
  • Custom molded shoes
  • Prophylactic surgical procedures
  • Diabetic Shoes
  • Leg Ulcers

Committed to traditional, quality orthotic devices:

  • We perform foot biomechanical examinations
  • Our devices are truly custom, biomechanically correct, and adjustable and repairable in house
  • High rate of patient compliance and effectiveness of our orthotic supports
  • Digital Foot Scans For Orthotics

Specialized in elective foot surgery:Specialized in elective foot surgery:

Using new technology to improve our ability to diagnose and treat your foot condition:

  • Cutaneous Tempature Scans
  • Digital Pressure Scans